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Major Severe Weather Events May 22nd, 23rd, 25th, and 26th! 

...Including the Significant Tornado Outbreak of Friday, May 23rd --

*** UPDATED June 11 ****

There were 50...THAT IS NOT A TYPO...confirmed tornadoes in the Dodge City forecast area on May 23rd alone!  A map of those tornadoes will be compiled and posted by June 19.  There were four tornadoes that produced EF3 damage...some long tracked and extremely large (wide).  

So far this year there have been 71 confirmed tornadoes in the Dodge City Forecast Area...6 on May 22nd, 50 on the 23rd, 8 on the 25th, 4 on the 26th and 3 on June 5th.  Check back often for more updates to this very active period.

Two of the more significant tornadoes on May 23rd unfortunately produced injuries and fatalities.  One tornado that tracked across south central into northeast Pratt county took two lives just east of Cairo on US Highway 54.  Two occupants of a car parked on the shoulder were killed as their vehicle was carried about 250 yards into a field.  Two persons in another vehicle sustained only minor injuries as their pickup got caught in a ditch and did not go airborne.

The tornado also took down some mighty trees that had stood for centuries.  An occupant of a nearby house survived by taking shelter in a bathtub.  The wall of the east side of the house collapsed on the man but he was not seriously hurt as the bathtub protected him from the weight.  The highest intensity of the tornado produced EF3 damage.

Another tornado that produced EF3 damaged moved north toward the town of Macksville.  After striking several farms, trees and pivot irrigation sprinklers, it turned north and passed to the west of the town.  Unfortunately it did strike a home and caused serious injury to the occupant. 

The track of the Macksville and Cairo tornadoes can be viewed by clicking the thumbnail

Additional significant tornadoes occurred elsewhere in western Kansas.  Detailed information and tracks will be available the first week of June.  Keep checking back.

Map of preliminary severe weather reports issued through Local Storm Reports product (LSR):

May 22nd & 23rd

May 25 & 26th

NOTE:  The above two maps should be considered very preliminary, especially for the tornado reports.  A final, detailed map of all tornado tracks across Dodge City, KS forecast area will be available as time permits, including start/finish times and Enhanced Fujita rating.

"Super-Res" WSR-88D Dodge City imagery from the May 23rd, tornado outbreak showing incredible Tornado Vortex Signatures!

6:29pm -- North of Kalvesta

7:26pm -- Southwest of Ransom

7:53pm -- Southeast of Bucklin

8:03pm -- South of Ogallah very near Cedar Bluff Dam

9:26pm -- 2 miles northwest of Hopewell

9:32pm -- About 10 miles south-southeast of Dodge City

9:58pm -- North and northwest of Coldwater

More information to come!!

Jeff Hutton and Mike Umscheid