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Showers and Thunderstorms and Areas of Critical Fire Weather Threats

A series of cold fronts will produce showers and a few strong thunderstorms across parts of the High Plains and into the northern Rockies, and the Mid-Atlantic. Strong, dry winds in the northern Plains, 4-Corners area, and the Southeast will produce critical fire weather threats. Fire weather threats also remain elevated in Guam. Locally heavy rain may cause flash flooding in Hawaii. Read More >

Station Pressure

by Tim Brice and Todd Hall


Enter the elevation of the station and choose your units: Station Pressure in inches of mercury:
feet meters in HG
Enter your altimeter setting and choose your units: Station Pressure in millimeters of mercury:
in of mercury mm of mercury millibars (hPA) mm HG
  Station Pressure in millibars (hectoPascals):
  mb (hPA)


What is the formula for the station pressure script?