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Thunderstorms in Florida and Central U.S.; Fire Weather Threats in North Plains

Strong to severe storms may linger in Florida as a slow moving cold front continues east. A weather system in the Central U.S. may produce strong thunderstorms in the Middle Mississippi Valley. A Canadian cold front will produce gusty winds and critical fire weather threats in the North Plains. Fire weather threats are also elevated in Guam. Heavy rain could cause flash flooding in Hawaii. Read More >


The portable version of the Weather Calculator


Over the years I have received several requests for a stand alone version of the weather calculator. I have finally found the time to do it.

The first step is to download the zipped file:

Then unzip the file in it's own directory (you might name it "wxcalc2go", but that's only a suggestion). Once the files are unzipped simply use your web browser to open the file wxcalc.html and you are good to go.