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Rain Continues From Mid-Atlantic to Southern New England Sunday; Ice on the Northern Edge; Northwest to See More Rain and Snow

A storm system will cross the Mid-Atlantic region then shift south of New England through Sunday with widespread rain. On the northern edge, freezing rain and snow will be possible from Upstate New York into interior southern New England. On the West Coast, deep moisture ahead of a cold front will bring rain, high elevation snow, and gusty winds into Sunday. Read More >

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NOTE! This publication series has been discontinued. If you would like a copy of any of the General Interest Papers listed below, please contact Ken Johnson at ER SSD

Year Number Title Author
1999 44 A Study of Three-Quarter Inch Hail Reports in Upstate South Carolina - 1988 through 1994 Wayne Jones
1998 43 Temperature Forecasting Using Mesoscale Models Kevin Fitzgerald and Richard Grumm
1998 42 Evaluating Lake Effect from a "Sharp" Perspective: Developing a CAPE Criteria Basil Newmerzhycky
1998 41 A Summary of a Short Term Forecast Survey for Northern Ohio and Northwest Pennsylvania Kevin M. Barjenbruch
1997 40 An Evaluation of the Quality of Snow Forecasts for the Champlain Valley in Vermont Alexander Tardy
1997 39 Winter Weather Precipitation Type Forecasting for New York City Using Thickness Values Peter Wichrowski
1997 38 Isentropic Analysis applications in Forecasting Low Level Clouds Kenneth James
1997 37 A Lake Michigan Heatwave Event: June 19-23, 1995 Howard T. Silverman
1997 36 Using BUFKIT to Forecast non-convective Low-Level Wind Shear Hendricus J. Lulofs
1997 35 Opportunities for Human Resources Training in the NWS Rosemary A. Miller and Robin I. Miller
1996 34 Maximum Convective Rainfall Potential - A Statistical Approach Scott D. Reynolds and Alan A. Rezek
1996 33 An Analysis of South Carolina Heat Waves Christopher T. Collins
1996 32 Snow Verification for the Extended Forecast Period in West Virginia Stephen R. Adams
1996 31 The Deadly July 1993 Heat Wave in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania James A.  Eberwine
1996 30 A Survey of Meteorological Interns in Ohio Greg Tipton and Jim Kosarik
1995 29 An Examination of the July 12, 1992 Ohio Tornado Outbreak Based on PC-Gridds and SHARP Ingrid Kinsella Amberger
1995 28 a Comparision of the 1994-95 Cool Season AFOS-ERA Verification Scores Between the Eastern Region National Weather Service Forecast Offices Stephan C. Kuhl
1995 27 Using Climatology as a Base for Maximum and Minimum Temperature Forecasts at Youngstown, Ohio Joel Veeneman
1995 26 Radiosonde Balloon Ascension Modeling Harry Gerapetritis
1995 25 Remote Observing Systems and Their performance During the December 10 and 11, 1993 Northeastern Ohio Lake-Effect Snow Event W Comeaux, et al
1995 24 A Nocturnal Severe Thunderstorm Event in Northeastern Pennsylvania: June 13-14, 1994 Michael Jurewicz Sr. and Hugh Johnson
1995 23 Short Term Performance of the Automated Surface Observing System at WSO Youngstown Stephen Wilkinson
1995 22 The march 14-15, 1992 Lake-Effect Snow "Fizzle" Over northeast Ohio Rick Hiltbrand
1994 21 A Subjective Comparison of the NWSFO Cleveland WSR-88D Storm Total Precipitation Product and Rain Gage Measurements for November 12-14, 1993 Gregory A. Tipton, Brian A. Avery, and David J. Ondrejik
1994 20 The Hydrologic Outlook Product Curtis, Wheeler
1994 19 A Guide to Preparing and Delivering Verbal presentations in the Modernized National Weather Service George J. Skari
1994 18 A Climatology of Weather Conditions Observed During Thunderstorms at the Raleigh-Durham Airport: An Aviation Forecasting Tool Gail I. Hartfield
1994 17 Developing Operational ETA POP Guidance for Maine and New Hampshire Hendricus J. Lulofs
1994 16 An Accurate and Simplified Procedure for Upper Air Comparatives Glenn D. Carrrin
1994 15 Snowfall Climatology and Trends for Southern New England Christopher Hedge
1994 14 Correlation between 1200 UTC 850 mb Theta-E Temperatures and the Occurrence of Severe Storm Weather Over the Northeastern United States Maxwell, Jones, Lacorte
1994 13 1993 northwestern Ohio Weather Highlights and a Comparison to the Toledo, Ohio Climatic Normals Michael W. Diefenderfer
1994 12 A Climatic Summary of the Weather of Buffalo, New York Kenneth R. Remington, Jr.
1994 11 An Analysis of Non-Precipitation Induced fog Events at Rochester, New York Timothy W. Duda
1994 10 Using the 24HCHG Software for Wind Prediction in Eastern Massachusettes I. Ross Dickman
1994 9 A Lake-Effect Type Snow Event Along the Outer Banks of North Carolina Michael P. Rusnak
1994 8 Minimum Temperature Forecasts for Youngstown, Ohio During Good Radiational Cooling Conditions Jeffrey S. Sites
1994 7 Under Siege: Ohio July 1992 Ingrid A Kinsella
1994 6 Eastern Region AFOS-ERA Verification Trends from April 1990 through March 1993 Stephan Kuhl
1993 5 A Comparison of Temperature and Precipitation at Binghamton, New York Wayne Snyder
1993 4 A Comparison of Forecasted and Actual Snowfall for the 1991-92 Winter Season in Western Ohio Gregory A. Tipton
1993 3 Case Study showing a Precipitation Shadow Effect at the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Airport: The "AVOCA" Curtain Hugh Johnson
1992 2 Forecasting Cold Air Drainage Winds at the Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport Robert Hamilton
1992 1 Portland, Maine's First 100 Years of Snowfall Augie Sardinha