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One More Day of Heat with Severe Storms and Heavy Rain

One more day of early-season heat will grip the Northeastern U.S. today from New England to the Mid-Atlantic. A few more record highs are possible and heat advisories remain in effect from Boston to Philadelphia. Also, a cold front arriving into the East may produce strong to severe storms and heavy rain, which may result in flash flooding, from New England to the Southeast and Gulf Coast. Read More >

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2. How are these forecasts made?
The forecaster uses computer model guidance, climatology, and bias calculations, along with their understanding of the complex interactions of tides, waves, weather, and water levels to make these forecasts.

3. Why are some locations always “grayed” out?
The colors indicate forecast flood categories for the chosen tide cycle (slider bar in upper left). The colors are dependent on the weather offices sending the "table” information below the hydrograph. For some locations the tables are not provided due to a variety of factors:
  • Forecasting knowledge is still under development
  • Occasionally, the forecast high tide time is already past the current time
  • A few locations are considered “river forecasts” but are also tidal in nature; these locations will never have forecast tables.
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Flood categories provided by NWS forecast tables below graphs - Select tide cycle in upper left.
Major Flooding
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Forecast Overlays Wave Height (ft)
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Federal Inundation and Impact Resources

FEMA Flood Maps

FEMA flood map service is the official public source for flood hazard information produced in support of the National Flood Insurance Program.

NOAA Sea Level Rise Viewer

Provides depictions of sea level rise and potential coastal flooding impact areas.

NOAA’s Coastal Flood Exposure Mapper

Helps to start your community discussions about hazard impacts with maps of your area that show people, places, and natural resources exposed to coastal flooding.

NWS/OCM Minor, Moderate, Major Flood Threshold Maps

highlight flood-prone areas based on the NWS flood category thresholds.


Federal Coastal Flood Model Guidance

Note: Model guidance does not provide estimates of the entire water level at the coast. Actual water levels for a coastal flooding event may vary due to factors such as rainfall and wave action. Please see Coastal Hazard Map for official National Weather Service forecasts.

ETSS Storm Surge Model

This product is experimental total water level model guidance for tide gauges.  Water level guidance is for extra-tropical storms.

PETSS Storm Surge Model

This product is experimental total water level probabilistic model guidance for tide gauges.  Water level guidance is for extra-tropical storms.

ESTOFS Storm Surge Model

This product is experimental total water level model guidance for tide gauges. Water level guidance is for extra-tropical storms. 

NOS Regional OFS Models

perform nowcast and short-term (0 hr. - 48 hr.) forecast predictions of pertinent parameters (e.g., water levels, currents, salinity, temperature, waves) and provides them to users.

USGS Total Water Level & Coastal Change Forecast Viewer

Tool displays total water level forecasts and coastal change predictions along the U.S. coastline using local beach characteristics. This tool graphically displays dune erosion/overtopping potential.

Nearshore Wave Prediction System (NWPS)

provides high-resolution nearshore wave model information using WFOs forecast wind grids.

Other Coastal Resources

NOS Tides & Currents

Homepage to numerous coastal water level resources.

NOS Sea Level & Coastal Flooding Information

Homepage to national source for coastal inundation data and sea level trends.

USGS Coastal Change Hazards Viewer

Find information on extreme storms and coastline changes.