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This page will explain how to use the Lake Wave Forecasts Page


Three lakes are covered by our Lake Wave Forecasts Page: Devils Lake, the Upper and Lower Red Lakes, and Lake of the Woods. The forecasts cover both the wind (speed and direction) and wave height. There are two sections of the Lake Wave Forecast Page:

  • The text discussion which is near the top of the page
  • The graphical maps which are near the bottom of the page. These maps can be clicked on to get a series of forecasts every 3 hours for the next 2 days. The numbers and colors on the maps correspond to the wave height and each page has an explanation for the wind barbs if you are not familiar with them.

While we only make these forecasts for the larger lakes you can apply the forecasts to nearby lakes as well. A high wave day on the larger lakes means the potential for higher waves on the smaller lakes. Smaller lakes will be more sheltered with less fetch so the waves will not be as high as the larger lakes.


Wind Speed and Direction Example