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The June 10, 2016 severe storms that produced widespread wind damage across north-central and northeast Wisconsin also produced a weak tornado near Mackville in Outagamie County.

Radar and photographic evidence indicated a weak tornado (EF0) developed southwest of Mackville, about four miles north of Appleton, around 8:00 pm. The tornado formed as thunderstorms from the west moved over an old storm outflow boundary that was over the area. Except for a few tree branches, no damage was reported with the tornado. 

NWS Doppler radar images shortly after 8:00 pm on June 10. A small but pronounced velocity couplet and tornado debris signature (TDS) can be seen. The tornado photo was taken by Josh Vandewettering. Click image for larger view.
Radar and tornado photo
Upper left: 0.5 deg base reflectivity. Upper right: 0.5 deg base velocity. Lower left: 0.5 deg correlation coefficient.