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NOAA Weather Radio Alerts

NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts 24/7 with forecasts, current weather conditions, and climate information. During severe weather, normal programming is interrupted with emergency broadcasts. Many emergency messages will automatically turn on weather radios and broadcast the emergency bulletin. The following is a list of alerts that will automatically alarm "specific area message encoding" (SAME) alert weather radios.

Weather Emergency Message Audio Alerts on NOAA Weather Radio

Message Comments
Tornado Watch  
Tornado Warning  
Severe Thunderstorm Watch  
Severe Thunderstorm Warning  
Flood Watch  
Flash Flood Warning  
Special Marine Warning  
Winter Storm Warning Alert sent 6 AM to Midnight only.
Blizzard Warning Alert sent 6 AM to Midnight only.
Ice Storm Warning Alert sent 6 AM to Midnight only.
High Wind Warning  
Various Non-Weather Hazards Covers 12 different types of non-weather emergency
messages. See table below.
 Weekly and Monthly Test Some NWR models do not use audio alerts for tests.

Non-Weather Emergency Messages on NOAA Weather Radio

EAS Event Code Definition
ADR Administrative Message
CAE* Child Abduction Emergency (AMBER Alert)
* Not broadcast on weather radio in Wisconsin
CDW Civil Danger Warning
CEM Civil Emergency Message
EQW Earthquake Warning
EVI Evacuation Immediate
FRW Fire Warning
HMW Hazardous Materials Warning
LAE Local Area Emergency
LEW Law Enforcement Warning
NUW Nuclear Power Plant Warning
RHW Radiological Hazard Warning
SPW Shelter in Place Warning
TOE 911 Telephone Outage Emergency