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What is a Storm Spotter?
Storm spotters are volunteers who help their community and NOAA's National Weather Service by keeping an "eye on the sky" during severe weather. Our spotters contact the NWS via phone, amateur radio, or the internet, keeping our forecast staff updated with the latest weather information from their location.

Why are Storm Spotters Important?

Real time reports are critcial i nissuing life saving warnings and forecasts. Advances in technology have made issuing warnings more efficent, however ground truth of local conditions and trends still serve as a critcal piece in the warning process. Its technology AND people working together that best keeps communities safe

Who can be a Storm Spotter

Anyone over the age of 15 years old with an interest in weather can become a spotter. If you would like to become a severe weather spotter for northeast or north-central Wisconsin, you must either attend training presented by NWS Green Bay or take the three online courses in the "Training Online" section below. To remain a spotter in good standing, you must either attend a refresher course or retake the three online courses (see "Training Online" section below) every couple of years.