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Areas of Showers & Thunderstorms with Hot Temperatures for Many Locales During the Holiday Weekend

Showers and thunderstorms are expected along a stationary frontal boundary from the Mid-South to the eastern Gulf Coast region and northern Florida through Saturday. In the north-central U.S., locally severe thunderstorms and flash flooding will remain possible. Hot temperatures will persist through the weekend over much of the central and eastern U.S. with pleasant temperatures in the Northwest. Read More >

Sunny skies are expected this Independence Day throughout the central California interior. The National Weather Service San Joaquin Valley office wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable Independence Day!
Mountain rivers and streams remain cold and continue to move fast! People in or near area lakes, rivers, and streams should remain cautious to the dangers of cold springtime waters. If exposed to cold waters, even experienced swimmers can lose muscle control very quickly, and any fast flowing water will make rescue difficult. Practice cold water safety techniques or avoid going into the water. Recognize the signs of hypothermia; such as shivering, cold hands and feet, poor coordination or loss of dexterity, and mental sluggishness. Alcoholic beverages can speed the onset and progression of hypothermia.
Do you know what to do if you spot a wildfire? You should walk or drive away from the fire immediately and call 911 to report it! Weather conditions and the type of ground cover (trees, dry grass, etc.) can make the fire change direction quickly, so it is important that you stay far away from the blaze. Leaving the area will also make it easier for firefighters and rescue workers to get to the scene.


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