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As the snowpack continues to melt with the warming temperatures, remember that mountain rivers and streams are cold and can be very swift! People in or near area lakes, rivers, and streams should remain cautious to the dangers of cold springtime waters. If exposed to cold waters, even experienced swimmers can lose muscle control very quickly, and any fast flowing water will make rescue difficult. Practice cold water safety techniques or avoid going into the water. Recognize the signs of hypothermia; such as shivering, cold hands and feet, poor coordination or loss of dexterity, and mental sluggishness. Alcoholic beverages can speed the onset and progression of hypothermia.
Strong thunderstorms are possible along the Sierra Nevada today and Tuesday. Small hail and wind gusts near 40 miles per hour are a couple of hazards associated with strong thunderstorms. In addition to dangerous cloud to ground lightning strikes, any thunderstorm can produce intense rainfall rates, leading to localized flooding.


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San Joaquin Valley Office Personnel

Kevin Lynott
Meteorologist-in-Charge (MIC)

Jerald Meadows
Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM), Skywarn Focal Point

Kristian Mattarochia
Science and Operations Officer (SOO)

Mike Brittain
Electronic Systems Analyst (ESA), Office LAN Focal Point


Jim Bentzien
Information Technology Officer (ITO), AWIPS Focal Point

Terry Johnson
Administrative Support Assistant (Secretary), Library Focal Point, Environmental Focal Point


Jim Andersen
Union Steward, Cooperative Program Manager (CPM)

Jim Bagnall
GHG Focal Point, Satellite Focal Point

Jeff Barlow
Office Safety Focal Point, Backup Operations Focal Point

Cindy Bean
Fire Weather Focal Point

James Dudley
IFPS Focal Point, Incident Meteorologist

Kevin Durfee
Hydrology Focal Point

Daniel Harty
NOAA Weather Radio Focal Point, Incident Meteorologist

Carlos Molina
Aviation Focal Point, Diversity Focal Point

William South
Social Media Focal Point, Weather Story Focal Point

David Spector
Webmaster, Internet Focal Point, Storm Data Focal Point

Modesto Vasquez
Radar Focal Point, Spanish Page Webmaster

Hydro-Meterological Technicians (HMTs)

Operations Program Leader


Andrew Bollenbacher
GIS Focal Point, Dobson Ozone Observations

Colin McKellar
Welcome Aboard

Brian Ochs
Climate Focal Point, Storm Spotter Newsletter Focal Point

Electronic Technicians and Maintenance Personnel (They keep the equipment running)

Marc Ganey
Electronic Technician (ET)

Tim Johnson
Electronic Technician (ET)


Student Trainees

Edgar Pineda-Moreno
Welcome Aboard