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The week of March 4 - 10, 2018 is

Severe Weather Preparedness Week in Illinois


Don't wait until severe thunderstorms, tornadoes & Flooding are occurring to think about what you should do to stay safe!!!




          Photo by Paul Sieczka, near Washburn, IL 2/28/17             NWS Photo: Tornado damage near Washburn, IL


All throughout Severe Weather Preparedness Week we will be sharing tips with you on our web page and social media about what you can do to prepare IN ADVANCE for the peak of our Severe Thunderstorm, Tornado and Flooding season. 


Highlights of Severe Weather Preparedness Week include:

  • Daily Severe Weather Preparedness and Safety Messages

  • The Annual Statewide Tornado Drill on Tuesday March 6th at 10:00 am

    • This drill will be initiated by an actual Tornado Warning - with "TEST" wording throughout the message - which will be issued for every county in the state of Illinois. The message will be broadcast on NOAA Weather Alert Radios and many broadcast media outlets. Many communities will also test the Outdoor Warning Sirens at this time.

For more information regarding Severe Weather Preparedness, please visit our web page at: