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2022 Flood Safety Awareness Week is March 14th - 18th


--- Today’s topic is..."Turn Around Don’t Drown" ---



Turn Around Don't Drown, or TADD for short, is a NOAA National Weather Service campaign used to educate people about the hazards of driving a vehicle or walking through flood waters. Too many people die due to misjudging the power of moving water or their ability to navigate flooded areas. 

Flooding is the 2nd leading cause of weather-related fatalities in the U.S. (behind heat). On average, flooding claims the lives of 95 people each year. Did you know that more than half of all flood-related deaths are drownings that result from vehicles caught in flood waters and then swept downstream? Many of these drownings are preventable if people do not drive or walk through flood roads, sidewalks, etc.


People often underestimate the power of flowing water. A mere 6 inches of fast-moving flood water can knock an adult off their feet. Most vehicles begin to lose contact with the road in six inches of water. They can be swept away in 12-18 inches of flowing water. This includes pickups and SUVs. When approaching a flooded roadway remember, Turn Around Don’t Drown!




Flooding can happen rapidly due to heavy thunderstorm rains or slowly due to spring snowmelt. The combination of warm temperatures, heavy rains and rapid snowmelt is potentially the most hazardous. Either way, many deaths could have been prevented by simply turning around. A cancelled or delayed trip is worth the time and effort.



NWS Turn Around Don't Drown PSA 





Some items to consider to increase your flood safety...




- Get to or stay on higher ground...avoid low the road or otherwise.

- Turn around...don’t drown. Cancel or delay a trip if it is over flooded roads.

- Road barricades and warning signage are there for your saftey...don't go around them.

- A flooded road may have hidden dangers...such as washed out roadbeds or underwater obstructions.

- Keep children away from flooded areas or areas of fast moving water.

- Don’t camp near the river if there is a flash flood threat. Flooding can happen at night when it is harder to recognize flood dangers.



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