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Tornadoes devastate parts of northwest Ohio and eastern Indiana
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Official National Weather Service (NWS) storm survey teams have completed storm surveys of the November 10 tornado tracks.   An expert in aerial damage surveys conducted a fly- over of eastern Indiana and northwest Ohio on November 12. His findings were similar to those of the local damage survey team, but some locations did have their F scale upgraded, and a new F0 track was found in southeast Wells County Indiana. Detailed information can be found below.

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4 dead

26 injured

F4 tornado damage at Van Wert, Ohio (winds 207 to 260 mph). Tornado touched down near Willshire and moved northeast for 53 miles to central Henry County.  The tornado lifted near Malinta, Ohio.  F4 damage occurred on Lincoln Highway west of Van Wert.  F4 damage also occurred at the intersection of Dull-Robinson and Zook roads.  There was one fatality at this location, as well as an injury.  A couple was in the upstairs portion of their home.  As the tornado approached the husband attempted to cover his wheelchair-bound wife.  As he was doing this the home was hit, and a projectile struck the husband in the back of his head.  His wife was sent to the hospital in critical condition.  Another casualty occurred when the tornado swept a car off the road near Van Wert's Twin Cinemas, killing the driver inside.

After leaving the city of Van Wert, the tornado was between F3 and F4 strength through the remainder of Van Wert County. The tornado maintained F3 strength through Paulding County and extreme northwest Putnam County.  Two more fatalities took place near Continental, Ohio, when the tornado destroyed a mobile home.  The twister then began to weaken, becoming F0 in strength across Henry County.

F1 tornado damage at Hartford City, Indiana (Blackford County) (winds 73 to 112 mph).  The tornado touched down two miles southwest of Hartford City on Angling Road and headed northeast, through the north side of town, to three miles northeast of Hartford City.  The continuous track was five miles long.  There was evidence that this tornado may have briefly touched down several times  from northeast of Hartford City to east of Montpelier.

F0 tornado damage near Petroleum, Indiana (Wells County) (winds 40 to 72 mph).  This damage was discovered during the aerial survey. This was a brief touchdown with minimal damage.

F3 tornado damage near Berne, Indiana (Adams County) (winds 158 to 206 mph).  Touched down two miles northeast of Berne and headed northeast.  Lifted at the state line near Salem.  Path length 5 miles.

track map

Coincidentally, the last tornado to produce F4 damage in the Northern Indiana NWS office's area of responsibility occurred in Van Wert County, on February 18, 1992.

Dates of all recorded F4 tornadoes in the area of responsibility of the Northern Indiana NWS office (all dates prior to 1950 are unofficial):

November 10, 2002
February 18, 1992
April 3, 1974
April 11, 1965
April 17, 1963
March 6, 1956
March 16, 1942
April 17, 1922
March 28, 1920
May 17, 1894
May 14, 1886
May 14, 1883
July 2, 1877