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NWS Northern Indiana 88D Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) - Generator (March 2023)

Beginning March 16th, 2023, the WSR-88D operated by NOAA’s National Weather Service in Syracuse, Indiana (NWS Northern Indiana) will be down for approximately one week for the fourth phase of the Service Life Extension Program. Previous phases involved a new signal processor, followed by an upgrade in the transmitter and its associated components, third the replacement of the radar pedestal and now work on the building related to the radar. Technicians will remove and replace the generator that powers the radar and its related components in the event of a power outage. Photos are included below of the building housing the generator and the generator itself. 


Photo Photo
Image of buildings associated with the radar. Circled building indicates where the generator is located. 
Image of generator for the radar

WSR-88D Radar Network

The WSR-88D is part of a network of 159 operational radars. The Radar Operations Center in Norman, Oklahoma, provides lifecycle management and support for all WSR-88Ds, including the Service Life Extension Program (SLEP).

Other Radar Sites - 

During the downtime, adjacent radars will be available, including:

Indianapolis, IN - KIND

Chicago, IL - KLOT

Grand Rapids, MI, - KGRR

Wilmington, OH, - KILN

Detroit, MI - KDTX

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