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 Current Weather Observations...
Location Time
Weather Vsby.
Wind Chill / Heat Index
Memphis TN10:54Overcast10595174SSW 12G18-29.41
Jackson TN11:04Overcast10625577SSW 12-29.43
Jonesboro AR11:23Overcast10575593SSW 9-29.37
Tupelo MS11:02Overcast10625167SW 8-29.47
West Memphis, AR11:19Light Rain8575489SSW 8-29.40
Blytheville, AR10:53Overcast10605377SSW 12G24-29.38
Dyersburg, TN10:56Overcast10605892SSW 6-29.40
Covington, TN11:35Overcast10595587S 10G16-29.40
Union City, TN11:35Overcast10625988S 12-29.38
Paris, TN11:35Overcast10625988S 12G18-29.41
Olive Branch, MS10:50Overcast10575387SSW 20G20-29.42
Oxford, MS11:35Mist4555187SW 8-29.47
Savannah, TN11:35Overcast10625782S 13-29.43