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Severe Weather Shifts to the East; Record Warm Temperatures in the South

Scattered severe storms may produce damaging winds, hail, a few tornadoes, and isolated flash flooding from central New York/western New England southward into the Carolinas on Monday. An expansive early season heat wave will persist through the week bringing record-breaking temperatures across the Southwest through the Southern Plains through the week. Read More >

SAME Codes

If you own a NWR SAME receiver, you will need to program the county you wish to receive watches and warnings for into the radio. It will then alert you only of weather and other emergencies for the county(s) you have programmed. Older (non-SAME) NWR receivers without the SAME capability would alert for emergencies anywhere within the coverage area of the NWR transmitter, typically several counties, even though the emergency could be well away from the listener. The SAME technology can eliminate this appearance of overwarning.


SAME Codes

To program currently available NWR SAME receivers with the proper county(s) of choice you will need to know the 6-digit SAME code number(s) for that county(s). :

  • One method for getting a county NWR SAME code number for programming SAME receivers will be available through the following NWS's telephone number: 1-888-NWR-SAME or 1-888-697-7263. Users will be prompted through a simple voice menu. With this SAME technology, users will be able to program more advanced receivers to receive alerts for specific emergencies as well as for specific counties.