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Coastal Flood Threat


Be especially cautious at night when it is harder to recognize the dangers of coastal floods.  If coastal flooding is observed, act quickly.  Move inland to escape flood waters.  Do not stay anywhere near the coast when water begins rising.
All persons living along the coast should take immediate action to protect their property in the event of coastal flooding.  Secure all loose objects, board up windows close to the ground, and know your evacuation routes.
Be prepared to leave immediately if coastal flooding becomes imminent.  If you should become stranded, stay indoors and move to the highest floor.  Bring water, food, a flashlight and a portable radio.
It is extremely dangerous to fish or observe the waves from exposed coastal structures during heavy surf conditions.  Large waves can suddenly sweep across previously dry areas.


About Coastal Flood Watches and Warnings

floodA Coastal Flood WATCH means that sea water spillage over dune lines and sea walls will occur if weather develops as expected.   People in the watch area should be ready to move to safe ground if flooding occurs or if warnings are issued.

A Coastal Flood WARNING means that sea water spillage over dune lines and sea walls is occurring, is imminent or is expected within the next 12 hours.  People in the warned area should take immediate action to protect lives and property.