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Supercell thunderstorms produced severe weather on the evening of September 24, 2019. A strong tornado developed in Elk Mound, WI and strengthened to an EF3 as it went through Wheaton, WI.

A very favorable environment capable of producing supercells and tornadoes was in place and a Tornado Watch was issued at 445 PM.  Gradual development of thunderstorms occurred during the early evening with widespread storms stretching from northwestern Iowa, southern Minnesota, into western and northern Wisconsin. A few became severe, but the number of storms probably limited most from becoming as strong as they could have alone. 

The supercell that produced the strong EF3 tornado was an exception.  It rapidly intensified and went on to produce the first September EF3 tornado in Wisconsin since Ladysmith on 9/2/2002 and the last EF3 tornado this late in the season occurred on 9/28/1971.  

Velocity image as the tornado was developing. Reds indicate wind moving away from the radar (WFO La Crosse) and green indicated toward.
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