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Showers and thunderstorms developed Tuesday afternoon 5/24/2016 across much of the west half of Upper Michigan.  A boundry helped to focus additional forcing across the south half of Marquette County. This boundary also allowed low-level shear (turning of winds with height) to increase across Marquette County. As the storm hit the boundary they begin to show signs of rotation as well as debris signatures in dual-pol products. After the event had ended the Marquette NWS sent out a survey team to evaluate the damage.  The survey team found several snapped trees stretching from just west-northwest of Republic eastward to just south of Greenwood Reservoir and points east to County Road 581. The damage included trees pulled toward a convergent center in several locations along with trees that fell next to each other in opposing directions. These are all good indicators that a tornado did indeed touch down. There was also damage to a chimney at a seasonal camp. Due to the proximity to Ishpeming, Negaunee and Marquette and the time of day, the schools held students over for an hour or more for safety concerns.
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