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Storm System To Lift From The Southern U.S. To Great Lakes Over The Next Couple Of Days

A storm will develop, intensify and lift northward from the southern Plains to the Great Lakes over the next two days. The weather hazards of most concern today are severe thunderstorms with damaging winds, isolated large hail and tornadoes and heavy rain with possible flooding in the Lower Mississippi Valley and Mid South. Then on Thursday, a zone of heavy snow may fall in Iowa and Wisconsin. Read More >


The following summaries cover "significant" or widespread flooding. River and flash flooding can be found in these summaries. If the flooding event accompanied severe thunderstorms or tornado outbreaks, it will likely be included in that event's summary under the "Thunderstorms / Tornadoes" section.






Extreme Heat & Cold

The following summaries cover "significant" or widespread high heat or extreme cold. Dangerous wind chills and life threatening heat indices can be found in these summaries. If the extreme temperatures were associated with a summer or winter storm, it may be found under the "Thunderstorms & Tornadoes" or "Winter" sections.


Other Events

The following summaries cover events that don't fall under the other categories - such as high wind events (not associated with thunderstorms). Other atmospheric events, such as auroras, may be found here.

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