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Overall a Tranquil Late September

Overall it's a tranquil late September with just a few hazards across the U.S. There may be locally heavy rain with possible flooding across the central Plains and from parts of Texas into the Lower Mississippi Valley. It will be warm with above normal temperatures from the Upper Mississippi Valley to the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys. A powerful storm will be located in the Bering Sea near Alaska. Read More >

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Service Change Notice
National Weather Service Boston/Norton MA
145 PM EDT Tue Jul 27 2021

To:        Subscribers:
           -Family of Services
           -NOAA Weather Wire Service
           -Emergency Managers Weather Information Network
           -Other NWS partners, users and employees

From:      Andy Nash
           Weather Forecast Office Boston/Norton MA

Subject:   New River Stage Forecast and Flood Warning Services
           for the Deerfield River at Charlemont /CLMM3/ and West
           Deerfield MA /WDEM3/

The National Weather Service (NWS) Forecast Office in Boston/Norton MA,
in conjunction with the Northeast River Forecast Center, announces
that the Deerfield River at Charlemont and Deerfield River at West
Deerfield Massachusetts will become River Forecast Points effective
Thursday August 26th, 2021.

Beginning August 26th, river stage forecasts for Charlemont and
West Deerfield will be issued once a day by the NWS during normal
and low flows, and updated as conditions warrant during high flows.
Forecasts are issued by 12 pm daily.

When flooding is expected, River Flood Warnings and follow-up
River Flood Statements will be issued for these 2 Forecast Points.
River Flood Warnings and Statements will become available via
various means, including NOAA Weather Radio and on the web via and Daily
River Stage Forecasts will become available for the Deerfield
River via the web site

Flood Stages have been established for the Deerfield River at
Charlemont and West Deerfield. Flood Stage for the Deerfield River
at Charlemont MA is 10 feet, and Flood Stage at West Deerfield is
9 feet.

Providing river stage forecasts, and Flood Warnings as necessary,
for the Deerfield River will contribute to the National Weather
Service mission to provide weather and water forecast and warning
services to protect life and property.

Please direct any questions or comments on this new service to
the following NWS Boston/Norton contacts:

Nicole Belk, Senior Service Hydrologist

Andy Nash, Meteorologist-In-Charge