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Hazardous Traveling Conditions for the Midwest; Strong Pacific Storm Approaching

A storm will track across portions of the Midwest and into the western Great Lakes through Friday as a combination of a wintry mixture and rain will result in hazardous traveling conditions. A strong Pacific system will be approaching with high winds, and heavier rain and snow late Friday into the weekend with impacts spreading across much of the West. Across Hawaii, strong winds and high surf. Read More >



  1. Personal Computer (available 20 GB storage and 3 GB RAM).
  2. Internet/WiFi connection.
  3. NWS issued NWWS Open Interface access credentials: User_ID and Password.
  4. NWWS IP addresses (both primary and backup) integrated into computer security and firewall authorizations.
  5. XMPP reader (Pidgin, Java, Google, Internet Explorer, etc..) or XMPP capable software program(self-developed or commercial).



  1. Above INTERNET ONLY list plus satellite equipment as indicated under NWWS Satellite (PID201) Configuration under DOCUMENTS or under the  CONFIGURATION tab off the NWWS homepage.
  2. 1.8m – 2m+ C-band Satellite Dish.
  3. Low Noise Band (LNB) down converter.
  4. Satellite Receiver.
  5. Ethernet /Coaxial/or CatV network cable
  6. Software that can integrate both PID201 and NWWS-OI product feeds.


NOTE: Users cannot use the same User_ID and password on multiple machines or have multiple software on the same system accessing NWWS-OI without user system issues occurring. Exiting the software and restarting the system generally resolves “multiple” access issues.