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River Ensemble Processor(REP)
Software Architecture Documents

The following documents provide an introduction to the AHPS River Ensemble Processor (REP) software architecture development. Descriptions of the proposed Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) are also included here.

Implementation of this SOA will permit OHD, the Regions, and the RFCs to develop and implement software which can take advantage of modern computing hardware and networks, and thus provide the RFCs with sufficient computing power to conduct distributed modeling, automated state updating and ensemble forecasting. This architecture will also open opportunities for closer collaboration between the NWS, other agencies, and the larger hydrologic research community through the development of the Community Hydrologic Prediction System (CHPS). CHPS is intended to be the community wide outgrowth of the the software architecture we are initially developing for the REP.

Approach to re-developing the RFS.

We are taking an incremental approach to re-architecting the RFS. We want to prove our ideas with small implementation projects and then feed the lessons learned from the implementation back into the vision for the architecture. We are not trying to establish a comprehensive, detailed description of a new architecture and then building

Description of approach to re-architecting RFS.

The Overall Proposed REP Architecture

Description of the overall REP architecture
High level diagram of the overall REP architecture

Description of the REP Workflow Management demonstration

We tested the concept of a Control Service running multiple external applications on remote machines and in various dependent configurations. To see why we need a Workflow Manager (a.k.a. Control Service) here is a diagram of the ESP data flow.

ESP data flow
Detailed presentation about the Workflow Management demonstration

Description of the REP Data Services RRS pre-processor demonstration

We are using the NWSRFS RRS pre-processor as an initial example to
test the design and implementation of a Data Service.

Slide show summary of the Data Service Design
Requirements for a Data Service, migration path for RRS and initial

Descriptions of Services Oriented Architectures

Application Framework
Overview of Microsoft .NET (an example of a SOA)
Introductory information about J2EE

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