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Hazardous Heat in the Western U.S.; Heavy Rain and Flooding Potential in the Southern Rockies

Widespread high temperatures in the 90s with heat indices exceeding 100 degrees will persist across the western U.S. this weekend into next week. Some daily high temperature records are forecast to be tied or broken. Monsoon conditions continue to linger across the Southern Rockies posing a heavy rainfall threat which may lead to additional flash flooding concerns. Read More >

Skywarn Spotter Program
What is Skywarn?
     Skywarn is a National Weather Service (NWS) program of trained volunteer severe weather spotters. Skywarn weather spotters support their local community and government by providing the NWS with timely and accurate severe weather reports. These reports, when integrated with modern NWS technology, are used to inform communities of the proper actions to take to stay safe during severe weather. The key focus of the Skywarn TM program is to save lives and property through the use of the observations and reports of trained volunteers.

Skywarn Training Schedule
     Click the link above to view the latest Skywarn training schedule and register for a free virtual class!

What does a Skywarn Spotter report?
     Although all reports are welcome, the National Weather Service in Portland is particularly interested in the weather elements described below.
View the Weather Spotter's Field Guide for more information

How do I submit a report? Click the image below to find out!

How Do I Become a Skywarn Weather Spotter?
The National Weather Service welcomes volunteers with an interest in severe weather spotting. Since the NWS instituted the Skywarn TM Program, there has been a significant decrease in the death rate due to tornadoes and other severe weather. The Skywarn TM program is completely voluntary. You may have the opportunity to call our office several times a season depending on the weather pattern in your neck-of-the-woods. If you agree, we may occasionally call you for a "ground truth" as to what is actually happening near your house. Most likely our phone call will be to confirm an element of potentially severe thunderstorms, like large hail or damaging wind. Other calls may be to verify heavy snowfall or peak wind speeds associated with large winter storms.

If you are interested in the Skywarn Spotter program, please email Jon Liu at