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Inflows for Lake Lanier - Buford Dam


These graphs are automated model output produced every three hours.  This location also includes an official inflow forecast updated at least once a day by hydrologists at the Southeast River Forecast Center. The official forecast may differ from the inflow guidance graphs shown here due to time of production and change in forecast rainfall as well as adjustments made by the hydrologist.  If you have any questions on the inflow guidance or the official text inflow forecast please call our office...770-486-0028 ext 1.

To see the official TEXT inflow forecast here (may need to look at previous versions).

Updated:  May 26, 2020 @ 18:58:13Z


Past and Forecast 2-Day Basin Average Precipitation

Past and Projected Inflows (based on forecast precipitation over the next 2 days)



Gridded Precipitation Areal Mean Estimate
Lake Lanier Inflow
River Discharge Adjusted Instantaneous
05/21/2020 18GMT0.002913.35
05/22/2020 00GMT0.002706.53
05/22/2020 06GMT0.003560.59
05/22/2020 12GMT0.014466.31
05/22/2020 18GMT0.425886.10
05/23/2020 00GMT0.016066.07
05/23/2020 06GMT0.255439.34
05/23/2020 12GMT0.003997.39
05/23/2020 18GMT0.003682.56
05/24/2020 00GMT0.003348.42
05/24/2020 06GMT0.003089.92
05/24/2020 12GMT0.002895.21
05/24/2020 18GMT0.002736.40
05/25/2020 00GMT0.022636.93
05/25/2020 06GMT0.052793.96
05/25/2020 12GMT0.002888.67
05/25/2020 18GMT0.002794.74
05/26/2020 00GMT0.022747.32
05/26/2020 06GMT0.222959.94
05/26/2020 12GMT0.093019.65
05/26/2020 18GMT0.063064.36
05/27/2020 00GMT0.022988.76
05/27/2020 06GMT0.002850.33
05/27/2020 12GMT0.012732.82
05/27/2020 18GMT0.062707.82
05/28/2020 00GMT0.032659.80
05/28/2020 06GMT0.032616.61
05/28/2020 12GMT0.022562.80
05/28/2020 18GMT0.142770.38
05/29/2020 00GMT0.002756.67
05/29/2020 06GMT0.002682.58
05/29/2020 12GMT0.002597.72
05/29/2020 18GMT0.002519.61
05/30/2020 00GMT0.002456.14
05/30/2020 06GMT0.002407.38
05/30/2020 12GMT0.002369.30
05/30/2020 18GMT0.002335.95
05/31/2020 00GMT0.002309.12
05/31/2020 06GMT0.002285.03
05/31/2020 12GMT0.002264.40
05/31/2020 18GMT0.002245.89