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NWS San Diego - Office Photos

The NWS San Diego office is located in a commercial office building in Rancho Bernardo, near the Rancho Bernardo Road exit on Interstate 15.   The NWS San Diego office is in the north end of the building, on the second floor, with a view towards the east.   Rancho Bernardo is about 25 miles north of downtown San Diego.

Photo of the building housing the NWS San Diego office


View of the west side of the building housing the NWS San Diego office

Photo of the building housing the NWS San Diego office


View of the building housing the NWS San Diego office from the southwest, with a view towards the mountains to the east Thunderstorms in the distance are over the mountains and deserts of southwestern San Bernardino County during the afternoon of 7 July 2001


NWS San Diego - Office Staff
Administrative Personnel
Name Title
Jonathan Suk Meteorologist-in-Charge
Alexander Tardy AMIC/Warning Coordination Meteorologist and Decision Support Services lead
Ivory Small Science and Operations Officer
Vacant Electronic Systems Analyst
Michael Khuat Information Technology Officer
Vacant Administrative Assistant
Lead Forecasters - Meteorologists
Name Program Area(s)
James Brotherton WCM assisstant, Public outreach, IDSS, Core Partners, Skywarn assistant
Joe Dandrea Hydrologic services, Drought Information Officer
Dan Gregoria WCM assistant, IDSS, Weather-Ready Nation, Media Relations, Core Partners, Tropical
Greg Martin IFPS/GFE, Webmaster, ACARS, Model performance, Work schedules, Gridded Verification
Mark Moede WCM Assistant for EMs, Public Forecasts, Tsunami, Heat, Winter Weather, IRIS
Forecasters - Meteorologists
Name Program Area(s)
Phil Gonsalves AWIPS, CRS, Upper Air Observations, Education outreach, Diversity Focal Point
Brandt Maxwell WRF-EMS modeling, Assistant SOO, ASOS, local LIFT, IDSS
Miguel Miller Climate, Mesonet, Spanish web/radio, Media relations, Hydrology, Newsletter, office tours, web page
Stefanie Sullivan IMET, WSR-88D, Fire Weather,GIS applications, GFE, Satellite
Samantha Connolly Office Tours, Social Media, Storm Data, Climate, Hydrology, NOEES, Rip/Surf, Skywarn, CoCoRaHS
Casey Oswant Diversity, Marine, Rip/Surf, Newsletter, Social Media, Tsunami
Brian Adams Fire Weather, Social Media
Adam Roser Diversity, Coop, IRIS, Social Media, Skywarn, office tours, Stormready, Storm Data
Elizabeth Schenk NOEES, Storm Data
Electronics Technicians
Name Program Area(s)
Matthew Baldwin ASOS, Upper air equipment, NOAA Weather Radio equipment (WWG-21, WXM-66), Environmental Compliance officer
Kenneth Robinson ASOS, NOAA Weather Radio equipment (KEC-62), NEXRAD WSR-88D Radar, Hydrologic equipment
Welmer Quinteros ASOS, Safety officer, NOAA Weather Radio equipment, NEXRAD WSR-88D Radar
Observing Program Leader
Name Program Area(s)
Noel Isla Surface Observing Programs Manager (COOP, MARS, Rip Currents, VOS), Port Meteorological Officer, Rip Current Project
Student Intern
Name Program Area(s)
NWS San Diego - Office Tours

Groups of all ages are welcome to tour the National Weather Service office in San Diego.

  1. Group size is limited to about 18 people. Larger groups may be divided and come at different times, for example, one group of 18 at 10 AM and another group of 15 at 11 AM. In rare cases when another tour guide is available, groups as large as 36 may be accommodated at one time.
  2. Age is limited to 2nd grade (around 8 years of age) or higher. However, we prefer age groups of 6th grade (age 11) or higher.
  3. Tours last about one hour, shorter for younger age groups and longer for more mature groups with lots of questions.
  4. Tours are adjusted to the needs of the tour group. Usually tours consist of a slide show presentation and a tour of the forecast area.
  5. Tours are arranged in advance based on the availability of the tour group and the tour guide. Preferred times are during normal business hours (weekdays between 9 AM and 4 PM), but special arrangements can be made for groups requesting tours outside of these hours.
  6. The NWS reserves the right to cancel or postpone tours because of expected active weather.

For additional information or to schedule a tour, please click on and fill out this Tour Request Form.

NWS San Diego - Directions to the Office

Exit Interstate 15 at Rancho Bernardo Road.

Head west on Rancho Bernardo Road to Via Tazon, the third traffic signal west of Interstate 15.

Turn left onto Via Tazon, winding up the hill towards the left.

The building housing the NWS San Diego office is in a red brick building on the left, near the top of the hill and just before the Radisson Hotel.


The NWS San Diego office is in the north end of the building, on the second floor.

Map of the area near the NWS San Diego office
Map of the area near the NWS San Diego office with the building location denoted by the red star.   The top of the map is "north".