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An Active Start to the Week

A slow moving and large-scale system will produce widespread rain and thunderstorms the next few days across the central and southern Plains into the Mid to Lower Mississippi Valley. Severe storms will be common across Texas through Tuesday before spreading eastward. The locally heavy rain will produce possible flooding and have a similar transition to the east through midweek. Read More >


Radar Product Central Collection Dissemination Service (RPCCDS)

The National Weather Service (NWS) is centrally collecting Level III products from 156 WSR-88D radars and 45 TDWR radars. The Level III radar products can either be obtained by directly connecting to the Gateway for an immediate receipt of the products through a LDM feed, via standard anonymous FTP from the Gateway file servers, or receipt of a OPSnet transmission. The documentation on the products and instructions to download the software needed for the LDM dissemination can be found below.

Documentation on the radar product central collection and dissemination process used at the Gateway.

  • File Transfer documentation on how to FTP data from the Gateway file servers
  • Gateway FTP description of the radar products on the file server (subdirectories and file names for retrieval)
  • Directory & File Standard used for establishing Gateway file server product subdirectories and file names
  • Data Formats of WSR-88D radar products are found in the following ICDs available at : ICD for RPG to Class 1 User, ICD for Product Specification. The ICDs are updated with each RPG software release. Current TDWR-SPG ICDs are available at:
  • Upcoming WSR-88D Software Changes that may impact RPCCDS users

Available Radar Products:

Software needed to receive the LDM data feed from the Gateway:

  • Software Implementation a guide for configuring the software used for the LDM services of the Gateway
  • Download the LDM Software for receiving in real time from Unidata

More information about WSR-88D and TDWR radar:

The NWS has established a web site for additional information on the NEXRAD/WSR-88D and TDWR radars at the NEXRAD Radar Operations Center (ROC),