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Severe Storms and Heavy Rainfall Across Texas and Oklahoma

Widespread strong to severe storms are expected over much of Texas and in southern Oklahoma Tuesday, with potential for significant damaging wind and large hail. An Enhanced Risk (level 3 of 5) has been issued for central Texas. The threat of excessive rainfall could create localized areas of flash and urban flooding across Texas and southern Oklahoma Tuesday into Wednesday. Read More >

What does IDP Dataflow provide to you?

IDP Dataflow Notices

The NCEP Central Operations (NCO) IDP Dataflow Team is responsible for implementing changes to products communicated to and from the NWS Telecommunication Gateway (NWSTG). This may include changes in product identification, availability, and/or routing. Change notices are provided on the NWSTG system via the NOxx series of products. Other notices concerning IDP Dataflow issues are also included here.

Comms ID References

These references list the defined entries for the various parts of NWS Communication Identifiers including the WMO heading and AWIPS Identifier.

WMO Manual on GTS Operations

Excerpt taken from: WMO No. 386 Manual on the Global Telecommunication System - Part II - Operational Procedures for the GTS. Explanation of Data Designators T1T2A1A2ii CCCC.

WMO Initiatives

The establishment and maintenance of data management centres and telecommunication systems for the provision and rapid exchange of weather, climate and water-related data.

Washington RWC

Washington RWC (Regional WIGOS Center) went live on December 21, 2023.

TGFTP File Server Reference

This file reference lists the current files available on tgftp. Also includes the Directory and File Naming Standards and MDL(TDL) to tgftp or ptgftp File Reference.

Telecommunication Operations Center

The National Weather Service Telecommunication Gateway (NWSTG).  A Central Source for Products & Observations Through File Retrieval & Web Page Services.

NCEP Model Production Suite

Current status of the NCEP Model Production Suite.

Critical Weather Day

Critical Weather Day has been Declared.