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Heavy Rain and Snowmelt Threatens Flooding in Southeast and Mid-Atlantic; Strong Cold Front Presses Across the Northwest

A southern storm system will bring heavy to excessive rain from the Southeast to the Mid-Atlantic through Saturday with a secondary heavy rain threat area from the Lower Mississippi Valley into the Ohio Valley. Out West, a strong cold front will continue rain, mountain snow and gusty winds into Saturday morning. Another front will bring more unsettled weather to the region by Sunday. Read More >


Software and Documentation Available from the NWS

A number of software packages have been written by the NWS or for the NWS for use internal use in viewing and validating various data streams The NWS believes that these software packages may be of use to organizations and individuals external to the NWS. In order to provide convenient access to this government developed software, several software packages are now available to the general public through this Internet server. All available documentation is supplied with the software. This software was developed for internal use and is supplied with no warranty as to its usefulness to external users, its accuracy, or its completeness. The NWS, NOAA, and the U.S. Department of Commerce will not be responsible for any data loss or damage arising from the use of this software.

STANDARD NWS Encoders/Decoders and
Specific Function Software

I.     PCGRIDDS - Personal Computer based GRidded Interactive Display and Diagnostic System:
PCGRIDDS ® is a DOS program used to display and manipulate gridded data. The September 1997 version of PCGRIDDS and its Y2K upgrade is now available.

II.    Emergency Managers Weather Information Network ( EMWIN ® ) Viewing Software:
The software will view the EMWIN ® data stream and validate the transmission that is currently available on the PBS Satellite, and the VHF radio broadcast from the NWS Headquarters building, via the NOAA GOES WEFAX broadcast, and now available from an Internet server.

This does not imply any endorsement by the National Weather Service, provided solely as a convenience to the user.

The Executable Modules by Digital Atmospheres (requires WINDOWS 95©) can be located from these pages, as well as, executable Modules from WENODE40 by Xenocode, Inc. [ which now includes the manual ] (requires WINDOWS 95© or WINDOWS NT©).

III.    METAR Decoding Software (ASCII):
The METAR decoding software was developed to view and validate the new METAR code form that will become the US standard for aviation surface observations on July 1, 1996. Additional information on the METAR Code is available from NESDIS.

IV.     WSR-88D Multicast Client Software:
The radar multicast client side software required for receipt of the "open connection" data stream for downloading. Before downloading the software please read the "documentation" and review the "README.TXT" file in the directory holding the software on the server.

Documentation: Installation guide
Download: Software [Password required]
contact:  Internet Services Group

V.   Standard NWS Software (Binary and other Code Forms):
Encoding and Decoding Software - This web page identifies encoders and decoders to which the policy applies, identifies relevant code form standards, and links to individual web pages where encoder/decoder software and documentation reside. The web page is under development and currently contains only a small portion of the software that will be available eventually.