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Locally Heavy Snow and Rain In A Few Spots

A few locations will see heavy snowfall today, including the northern California mountains and Sierra and across the northern Rockies into eastern Montana. Meanwhile, locally heavy to excessive rainfall is possible across southern Tennessee into northern Alabama and Georgia. A more organized and widespread heavy rainfall threat may be possible midweek for the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys. Read More >

Autumn Climatology for Eastern Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas

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The autumn season in Eastern Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas is a pleasantly long transition period between the summer heat and the winter chill. Although extremes of occasional 100 degree days are possible in early September and nights in the teens are possible in late November, most of the time the weather is accommodating with a large number of mild, sunny days and cool, fair nights. Thunderstorms do occur from time-to-time, but are not as frequent as during the spring and summer months. Arctic fronts begin to return to the region by mid-autumn and can bring large contrasts in temperature over a short time. The occurrence of snow is rare, although light amounts have been recorded over the years in October and November.