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Beta Continues Moving Toward the Texas Coast; Teddy Brings Rip Currents & Swells to the East Coast

Beta continues to track slowly towards the western Gulf coast. Storm surge, tropical storm force winds, and a long duration heavy rainfall event with associated flooding are expected over parts of Texas and Louisiana. Meanwhile, Hurricane Teddy will remain over the Atlantic but still bring swells, rough surf, rip currents and coastal flooding to portions of the East Coast and Puerto Rico. Read More >

NWS Tulsa Hydrologic Forecast Points
ANTO2 Antlers Kiamichi River 25 Pushmataha
ARCT2 Arthur City Red River 27 Choctaw
AVTO2 Avant Bird Creek 17 Osage
BVLO2 Bartlesville Caney River 13 Washington
BGSO2 Beggs Deep Fork 18 Okmulgee
BRYA4 Berryville Kings River 31 Carroll
CLRO2 Claremore Verdigris River 36 Rogers
CVLO2 Collinsville Caney River 26 Rogers
COMO2 Commerce Neosho River 15 Ottawa
CWYO2 Chewey Illinois River 12 Adair
ELDO2 Eldon Baron Fork 18 Cherokee
HSKO2 Haskell Arkansas River 19 Muskogee
INOO2 Inola Verdigris River 42 Wagoner
JNKO2 Jenks Polecat Creek 17 Creek
KNSO2 Kansas Flint Creek 11 Delaware
LEPO2 Lenapah Verdigris 30 Nowata
MKGO2 Muskogee Arkansas 28 Muskogee
MLBA4 Mulberry Mulberry River 18 Franklin
OWSO2 Owasso-Mingo Bird Creek 18 Tulsa
OZGA4 Ozark Lock &Dam Arkansas River 357 Franklin
PANO2 Panama Poteau River 29 Le Flore
PAWO2 Pawnee Black Bear Creek 17 Pawnee
PCYO2 Ponca City Arkansas River 17 Kay
PTAO2 Poteua Poteau River 24 Le Flore
QUAO2 Quapaw Spring River 20 Ottawa
RLSO2 Ralston Arkansas River 16 Pawnee
RAMO2 Ramona Caney River 26 Washington
SPCO2 Sapulpa Polecat Creek 21 Creek
SPEO2 Sperry Bird Creek 21 Tulsa
TALO2 Tahlequah Illinois River 11 Cherokee
TLSO2 Tulsa Arkansas River 18 Tulsa
VBRA4 Van Buren-Lee Lee Creek 401 Crawford
VBUA4 Van Buren Arkansas River 22 Crawford
WTTO2 Watts Illinois River 13 Adair