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A Major Coastal Storm For The Southeast and Mid-Atlantic; Fire Weather Concerns In Southern California

A major storm is forecast to intensify over the weekend along the Southeast/Mid-Atlantic coast and deliver a number of impacts. Heavy rain and high winds are expected for coastal sections of eastern North Carolina and southeast Virginia, while a variety of marine hazards are possible for the entire East Coast. Meanwhile, elevated to critical fire weather threats are likely for southern California. Read More >

Rime Icing in Southeast Oklahoma - Jan. 19, 2001

Talimena Drive NWS Tulsa meteorologist Chuck Hodges and DAPM Mike Teague snapped these amazing pictures of rime icing while on a trip to repair weather observing equipment in southeast Oklahoma. The icing occurred along the Talimena Scenic Drive in southern Le Flore county.

rime icing rime icing rime icing
Is this Mount Washington or southeast Oklahoma!? Note the thin, spiky ice deposits extending off the bolts on the back of the road sign. It's difficult to tell in these pictures...but the rime icing extended at least 8-12 inches off the girders of the communication tower and transformer.

rime icing rime icing
Used my hand to offer some perspective. Icing was about 1/2 inch thick and very light and brittle.
rime icing rime icing