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Bentonville, Arkansas Wind Damage 1/12/05

A severe thunderstorm moved through the Centerton and Bentonville, Arkansas areas at around 6 pm Wednesday, January 12th.  This storm damaged more than two dozen homes in the Tunridge community.  Three of these homes sustained major damage.  One person was injured by flying debris.  A number of trees were also snapped or uprooted in and around the Centerton and Bentonville areas.

A survey team from the National Weather Service Office in Tulsa investigated this damage today.  They concluded that the wind damage was a result of a microburst that produced wind gusts on the order of 70 to 80 mph.  The microburst most likely struck the ground just north of Highway 102, southwest of the Tunridge subdivision, then spread quickly into and through the Tunridge subdivision.

The home located on the southwestern corner of the subdivision sustained major damage as a large portion of the roof on the west facing side of the home was removed.  Wind pressure on the opposite interior wall of the attic resulted in the east facing exterior wall to be blown out from the inside.  One person was injured in this home.  Debris from this home impacted a number of nearby homes to the north and east.  Two other homes in the subdivision also received major damage, mainly to their roofs.

The wind continued to produce minor structural damage as it went through the remainder of the community, generally in a northeasterly direction.  Privacy fences were blown down, several trees were snapped, windows were broken, shingles were removed from roofs, and exterior walls were impacted by flying debris.

Additional microburst activity associated with this severe thunderstorm damaged trees in other sections of Centerton and Bentonville.

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