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Severe Storms in the North High Plains; Heavy Rain in the Gulf States

Severe thunderstorms with locally heavy rain that could cause flash flooding will be possible across the Upper Midwest. Storms with damaging wind may impact the Northeast. Regardless of tropical development, a low in the north-central Gulf may produce heavy rain and flash flooding. Elevated fire weather threats continue in the Central Great Basin and northern Alaska panhandle. Read More >

Jan 7-8, 2008 Severe Weather Event
Updated Jan 11, 2008


Severe thunderstorms erupted across Eastern Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas on the afternoon of January 7th and lasted well into the early morning hours of January 8th. The thunderstorms developed well ahead of the dry line across Eastern Oklahoma in an area of low level convergence in the unseasonably warm and moist airmass that was in place across the region. These thunderstorms intially formed in a cellular fashion before developing into a broken line during the late evening hours. Additional strong to severe thunderstorms developed along the surface cold front and moved through Eastern Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas late on January 7th and early on the 8th. Several tornadoes were reported during the evening hours of the 7th. However, the majority of the severe weather reports were due to straight line winds, large hail and flash flooding.


Confirmed Tornadoes
Benton, AR
Brief tornado touchdown 2 miles south of Hiwasse at 805 pm Jan 7.
Adair, OK
Brief tornado touchdown 4 miles southwest of Watts at 808 pm Jan 7.
Benton, AR
Brief tornado touchdown 4 miles east of Centerton at 850 pm Jan 7.
Cherokee, OK
Brief tornado touchdown 2 miles northwest of Moodys to 2.4 miles north of Moodys at 1028 pm Jan 7. 0.3 mile path width. Several trees uprooted. 2 Barns damaged. Shingle damage on 1 home. 2000 lb hay bale rolled.
Benton, AR
Tornado touchdown 3 miles northwest of Gentry to 2 miles southwest of Decatur. Path length 2.6 miles. Path width at widest point 85 yards. 11:09 to 11:12 pm Jan 7. The EF1 rating was reached due to extensive hardwood tree damage.
Wagoner, OK
Tornado touchdown 5.5 miles northeast of Wagoner to 8.2 miles northeast of Wagoner. Path length 2.7 miles. Path width at widest point 85 yards. 11:54 to 11:58 pm Jan 7.
map of tornadoes across eastern ok and northwest ar jan 07


Radar Loop For Jan 7th and 8th

radar loop


Radar Images of Tornado near Watts
radar images of tornado near watts


Radar Images for Tornado near Centerton
radar images of tornado near centerton
Storm Reports for Jan 7th and 8th
storm reports for jan 7th and 8th 2008