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  Cooperative Weather Observation Data Entry Systems

As computers continue to increase in both usage and capabilities, the older systems, like PCROSA, become more difficult to support and replacement hardware (parts) more difficult to find. As the current PCROSA systems fail, they will not be replaced. Observers are instead asked to begin using the WXCODER or IV-ROCS Systems now available to enter their data.


Web Xmitted Cooperative Observer Data Encoded Report (WXCODER) is a system developed by the National Weather Service that enables Cooperative Weather Observers to send weather observations on a web-based (on-line) system. For the coop observer, WxCoder provides substantial improvements in data entry. The entry form is clean and concise. Through the use of the WxCoder database and dynamic content technology, data entry now occurs through a one-page, customized form - no need for the observer to muddle through pages of non-pertinent entry blanks. Persistent, site-specific data is automatically presented on the form; no need for repetitious, daily entry.

For the NWS, the introduction of the WxCoder database is a major enhancement to coop observer data collection, processing, analysis, and presentation. The collected data no longer serves one purpose. It is available for multiple uses - automatically generating summaries and reports, daily, direct forwarding to NCDC

This system is very easy to use, and returns data very quickly to us. All that is required is a computer, an active email address and on-line access. For those of you who have a computer and on-line access, I would suggest that you contact us so we can set up your account and start using the system. If you would like more information and/or are interested in using WXCODER to transmit your observations, please Email Joe Sellers, or call our 800 number.


Interactive Voice Remote Observation Collection System (IV-ROCS) is a phone-in access system requiring a touch-tone telephone. Those Coop Observers who do not have a computer or on-line access should try to use the new IV-ROCS phone system. It is somewhat slower than the web-based system, but not difficult to get used to. IV-ROCS resembles many phone-in systems now in use by most companies and businesses throughout the world.

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