National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce
Tucson Arizona weather phone line
The weather line is a menu driven system where you can access information for specific areas across southeast Arizona.
After the introduction, use the menu below to make your selections.
Menu options last updated: April 15, 2020 (Bisbee/Douglas option removed from current observations/climate)
Press 1 for current observations, then
  • Press 1 for a Summary of current observations (wav)   (text)
  • Press 2 for Tucson observation (wav)   (text)
  • Press 3 for Nogales observation (wav)   (text)
  • Press 4 for Safford observation (wav)   (text)
Press 2 for lower elevation and desert forecasts, then
  • Press 1 for Tucson metro forecast (wav)   (text)
  • Press 2 for Sierra Vista and Benson forecast (wav)   (text)
  • Press 3 for Nogales and Santa Cruz County forecast (wav)   (text)
  • Press 4 for Sells and Tohono O'odham forecast (wav)   (text)
  • Press 5 for Eloy, Picacho Peak and South Central Pinal County forecast (wav)   (text)
  • Press 6 for Mammoth, Oracle, and Southeast Pinal County forecast (wav)   (text)
  • Press 7 for Ajo and Western Pima County forecast (wav)   (text)
  • Press 8 for Willcox and Douglas forecast (wav)   (text)
  • Press 9 for Safford (wav)   (text)
Press 3 for higher elevation and Mountain forecasts, then
  • Press 1 for Mount Lemmon and Summerhaven forecast (wav)   (text)
  • Press 2 for Chiricahua National Monument forecast (wav)   (text)
  • Press 3 for Madera Canyon forecast (wav)   (text)
  • Press 4 for White Mountains forecast (wav)   (text)
  • Press 5 for Mount Graham (wav)   (text)
  • Press 6 for Kitt Peak forecast (wav)   (text)
Press 4 for climate data, then
  • Press 1 for Tucson (wav)   (text)
  • Press 2 for Nogales (wav)  
  • Press 3 for Safford (wav)  
  • Press 4 for yesterdays highs, lows and precipitation for Tucson, Nogales and Safford (wav)  
  • Press 5 for current day morning lows (as of 7 am) (wav)  
  • Press 6 for current day highs/lows/precipitation (as of 5 pm) (wav)  
  • Press 7 for previous month climate summary for Tucson (wav)   (text)
Press 5 for Daily weather synopsis (wav)   (text)
Press 6 for additional information
Press (0/zero key) at any time to return to selection menu
Press (*/star key) at any time to return to main menu