The following are the Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts, or QPFs, for the WGRFC area. Simply, a QPF is the amount of rainfall that will occur over a basin and averaged over the area of that basin.


The WGRFC generates 72 hours of forecast precipitation (QPF) throughout the year. In general, the first 6 hours of this QPF is used as input in the creation of river forecasts; however, dependent on specific weather events, up to the entire 72 hours may be used. An additional 48-hour period of QPF generated by the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center is utilized along with this initial 72-hour period in the creation of the 5-Day Significant Flood Outlook product.

Day 1 (First 24 hours) Day 2 (Second 24 hours) Day 3 (Third 24 hours)

Day 1 - 24 hour QPF

Day 2 - 24 hour QPF

Day 3 - 24 hour QPF


NCEP Days 1 through 7 QPF

NCEP's Days 1 through 7 QPF


The 3 24-Hour QPF periods for the WGRFC area are generated locally at WGRFC based upon guidance from the National Weather Service's Hydrometeorological Prediction Center. The Days 1-5 QPF is linked to the daily QPFs issued by the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center.