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Join CoCoRaHS - A Nationwide Precipitation Network!


It's time to think about spring flowers and summer showers. You are invited to join a volunteer nationwide precipitation observing network. As part of the network, you will report rain, snow and even hail. Your precipitation observations contribute to CoCoRaHS, the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network.

No experience is necessary, just an interest in the weather. All ages are welcome. By joining and participating, you will play an active role in meteorological reporting and research using inexpensive equipment (a rain gage) in your backyard. Your commitment is required to report your observation each morning through the CoCoRaHS web page.

CoCoRaHS was launched in Colorado in 1998 following a devastating flash flood in Fort Collins. A dense precipitation network can increase the detection of a developing flash flood. CoCoRaHS now boasts over 12,000 volunteer observers nationwide.

All correspondence, data collection and training will be done on-line through the CoCoRaHS web site - If you have questions, you can email your regional coordinator. Your observations are displayed in tables and maps for all to view online. Your specific location information is always kept private.

The only equipment needed is a 4" cylindrical rain gauge available from the network. In order for reports to be consistent, the use of the 4" rain gage is mandatory. A gage can be purchased for about $30 (plus shipping) through the web site. A yardstick should be used to measure snow depth.

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"CoCoRaHS - Because Every Drop Counts!"