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On This Day In Weather History - September 26


1926   The high temperature for the date was 45 degrees, in the midst of a three day cool snap in which temperatures remained below 50 degrees. It is the coolest high temperature on record for the month of September.


1898   A school teacher saved 40 children from death in Merritton, Ontario, when she spotted an approaching tornado and led her students to a safe corner. Unfortunately, falling debris killed one of the children and injured several others.

1955   The U.S. Navy Neptune P2V-3W plane had a mission when it took off in the morning: to obtain observations in Hurricane Janet in the Caribbean. After their 8:30 a.m. report, no other communication was ever received from them again. No trace of the plane or of the crew was ever found.

1959   The passage of Typhoon Vera over Japan was the country's greatest storm disaster. The death toll reached nearly 5000, with 1.5 million homeless. The typhoon dealt a staggering blow to the economy with tremendous damage to roads, bridges and communications from wind, floods and landslides.