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Rainfall Summary: September 10-18, 2013

The table below is a comprehensive list of the more significant precipitation reports that were received for the 9-day event period.

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Location (source) Precipitation Total (in)
 Melrose (COOP) 4.03
 Clovis AFB (ASOS) 3.86
 Clovis 6.5 WNW (CoCoRaHS) 2.71
 Clovis 13 N (COOP) 2.63
 Ned Houk (HCN) 2.44
 Clovis Airport (ASOS) 2.31


Impact Summary
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Hydrologic Summary

There are no reporting locations in the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service database within Curry County therefore no hydrographs are available for review.