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Local Studies
    Next Generation Satellite RGB Dust Imagery Leads to Operational Changes at NWS Albuquerque
    A Climatology of High Wind Warning Events for Northern and Central New Mexico - Todd Shoemake
    High Terrain Supercell within a Mid-Tropospheric Ridge on 02 October 2010 (pdf) - Todd Shoemake
    Analysis of Thermal Inversions across the Albuquerque Metro Area (pdf) - Brian Guyer
    East Wind Events at Double Eagle II Airport (pdf) - David Craft
    Predicting Severe Hail for the Southern High Plains and West Texas (pdf) - Daniel Porter
Climate & Special Features
    1941: The Wettest Year in New Mexico Observational History
    La Niña and New Mexico Winter and Spring Precipitation
    El Niño and New Mexico Winter and Spring Precipitation
    Balloon Fiesta Climatology and Weather Patterns Associated with the "Albuquerque Box" (pdf)
    New Mexico State Fair Climatology & Historical Event Summary (pdf)
    The Decade's Top Weather Events (2010s)
    Recipe for Heavy Rain: September 2010
    NWS ABQ - 2013 September Flooding
    Bomb Cyclone Story Map March 12-13, 2019
    The Decade's Top Weather Events (2010s)
    2021 Annual Weather & Climate Highlights - ArcGIS Story Map
    100 Degree Weather Facts for Albuquerque and Other New Mexico Sites 
    Spring Freeze Dates for New Mexico
    Fall Freeze Dates for New Mexico
    Spring Equinox (pdf)
    Summer Solstice (pdf)
    North American Monsoon Highlights
    Albuquerque Dewpoint Tracker Statistics & Archive
    Fall Equinox (pdf)
    Thanksgiving Weather (pdf)
    Dates of First Snowfall
    Winter Solstice (pdf)
    White Christmas Feature (pdf)
    Spring Snowmelt Runoff
    2021 Monsoon Season Review - ArcGIS Story Map
    2022 Monsoon Season Review - ArcGIS Story Map
Fire Weather
    Dry Thunderstorms - Brent Wachter
    Wildfire Fuels - Brent Wachter
    2022 Fire Season - ArcGIS Story Map
Local Interest
    Heat Bursts
    Altocumulus Standing Lenticular Clouds - Kerry Jones
    East Wind Storms in the Albuquerque Area (pdf) - Michael Ford