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Rainfall Summary: September 10-18, 2013

The table below is a comprehensive list of the more significant precipitation reports that were received for the 9-day event period.

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 Location (source) Precipitation Total (in)
 Mesa Chivato (RAWS) 3.73
 Gallup 8.1 NNW (CoCoRaHS) 1.79
 Gallup 0.6 NW (CoCoRaHS) 1.51
 Gallup Airport (ASOS) 1.09
 Gallup Sand & Gravel (COOP) 0.64
 Zuni Buttes (RAWS) 0.62


Impact Summary
Location Date Summary

 Near Gallup


NM 118 was closed on the 10th due to flood waters, mud, and debris over roadway.



Intense rainfall caused evacuations due to high water in Crownpoint. Longer duration rainfall after this event lead to widespread areal flooding through the 14th. 30 to 40 families were evacuated around Crownpoint as dams protecting Smith Lake and "Old PHS" were at risk of being compromised. A shelter was established.

Bluewater Lake


NM 412 closed between Prewitt and Bluewater Lake. Debris reported over NM 612.

Near Gallup


US 491 closed between Twin Lakes and Naschitti due to flooding. CR 5 bridge closed in Superman Canyon due to flooding from arroyo.


Hydrologic Summary

There are no reporting locations in the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service database within McKinley County therefore no hydrographs are available for review.