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Rainfall Summary: September 10-18, 2013

The table below is a comprehensive list of the more significant precipitation reports that were received for the 9-day event period.

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 Location (source) Precipitation Total (in)
 Valdez 1.5 NNW (CoCoRaHS) 3.75
 Taos 11.2 E (CoCoRaHS) 3.60
 Taos 1.6 SSE (CoCoRaHS) 3.15
 Ranchos de Taos 2.4 W (CoCoRaHS) 3.15
 Taos Pueblo 2.8 NW (CoCoRaHS) 3.00
 Taos 1.5 ENE (CoCoRaHS) 2.93
 Taos 0.4 SSW (CoCoRaHS) 2.90
 Taos 4.3 NNW (CoCoRaHS) 2.85
 Questa 2.2 NNE (CoCoRaHS) 2.62
 Red River (COOP) 2.44
 Wild Rivers (RAWS) 2.21
 Taos Airport (AWOS) 2.10


Impact Summary
Location Date Summary



NM 68 closed due to rockslides and debris flow over roadway.


Hydrologic Summary

The Rio Grande at Cerro crested at 3.13 feet (300 cfs) at 1215pm MDT September 17, 2013.  The Rio Grande at Cerro fell nearly 1 foot through the 20th but then crested again at 4.81 feet (616 cfs) at 815pm MDT October 1, 2013 as creeks and streams in the higher terrain of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado slowly drained into the area.  Neither of these crests fell into the top 12 events at this location.  The record crest is 15.78 feet set back on June 22, 1949.  No significant flooding was observed immediately along the Rio Grande however several nearby creeks and arroyos leading into this basin produced some flooding.  Action stage is 15 feet, minor flood stage 16 feet, moderate flood stage 17.5 feet, and major flood stage 20 feet.