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Current Drought Status in New Mexico

Current Drought Image for NM

The current and past U.S. Drought Monitor map depictions of drought can be found at:


2020 Calendar Year Precipitation

Map showing the total precipitation since January 1st (Calendar Year).

NM precipitation departure from normal since Jan 1


2020 Water Year Precipitation

Map showing the departure from normal precipitation since October 1st (Water Year). 

NM precipitation departure from normal since Oct 1


Long Range Precipitation/Drought Outlook

The official NOAA Climate Prediction Center's latest outlook (1 month and 3 months) for New Mexico precipitation chances.

one month CPC precipitation outlook


three month CPC precipitation outlook

1 Month Precipitation CPC Outlooks


3 Month Precipitation CPC Outlooks


The seasonal outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for New Mexico.


  You can get detailed information on the ENSO forecast from the following links:


You can use the link below to see the current percent of storage capacity at all the major New Mexico dams (select the state/select reservoirs/ select the year and month, then "Submit"):

All public lands, National Parks and Monuments, BLM lands, State Parks and tribal lands current conditions and any fire restrictions can be found at the link shown below. 

Current Fire Restrictions

Drought Indices

Crop Moisture Index
Palmer Drought Severity Index
Percent of Normal Precipitation
SPI (Standardized Precipitation Index)

    External Links and Sites  

New Mexico State Engineer Drought Task Force (out of date)
Water Supply Forecast

Additional Information

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