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New Mexico 2020: Much Warmer And Drier Than Normal!

The 2020 statewide average temperature was 59.2 degrees, which is 3.2 degrees above the normal of 56.0. This was tied for the 2nd warmest year on record!

When was the last year New Mexico experienced a cooler than normal year? You have to go back to 1992! That's 28 consecutive years with above normal temperatures in New Mexico! 


The 2020 statewide average precipitation was only 8.42 inches, or 5.57 inches below the normal of 13.99 inches. This is the 4th driest year on record!

Since 2000, 14 years have been drier than normal and seven years wetter than normal. 


New Mexico and Climate Cities at a Glance:

2020: Temperature & Precipitation Data For New Mexico, Albuquerque, Clayton and Roswell
(click the link above for a detailed climate summary of temperature and precipitation for NM and these 3 cities)

2020 Avg Temp Departure Rank P.O.R.
(# of years)

Total Precip

Departure Rank
New Mexico 59.2 +3.2 Tied 2nd warmest 128 8.42 -5.57 4th driest
Albuquerque 59.2 +2.1 Tied 5th warmest 128 5.88 -3.57 23rd driest
Clayton 55.4  +1.4 8th warmest 123 12.08 -3.71 33rd driest
Roswell 64.7 +3.9 Warmest 108 6.18 -6.73 8th driest
      (Departure from normal based on a 30-year normal from 1981 to 2010; Rankings based on the Period Of Record (POR) but only years with no missing data were included)

This year's annual weather and climate review for 2020 is organized into topics which are accessed by the tabs across the top of each page. Other annual summary topics include a video of the year in pictures, the top 5 weather stories of 2020, a summary of the drought status and hydrology program, a recap of the fire weather program, a list of all the records and extremes in Albuquerque, Clayton and Roswell in 2020, a month-to-month recap of the significant weather events across New Mexico, and a review of our 2020 severe weather.