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Help!!! My NOAA Weather Radio won't stop beeping!!!


Recently several NOAA Weather Radio listeners have noticed excessive audible beeps emitting from their radios, specifically owners of the Midland WR-120 model radio.  The Midland WR-120 desktop NOAA weather radio knows it is supposed to receive a weekly test from the National Weather Service every seven days.  If the radio goes for ten days without receiving a test, it gives out one audible beep every ten minutes.

Midland WR-120 Model NOAA Weather Radio 

The weekly NOAA Weather Radio tests are conducted every Wednesday between 11 am and Noon local time.  However if hazardous weather threatens during this time the test may be postponed.  It has been observed that Midland WR-120 radios, having not received a weekly test in the past ten days, are now beeping once every ten minutes.


The radio will re-set itself at the next weekly test, or the next watch/warning issuance.  If you cannot wait that long:  To cancel the beeping, unplug the radio from the wall, turn the radio over, and remove one battery.  Replace the battery and plug the radio back in.  The settings on the radio will NOT be affected by this, as the SAME county code, and all other information is stored on a flash memory chip.   


But you WILL need to re-set the clock.  To do so:

1)    Push MENU.  “SET TIME” appears.

2)    Push SELECT

3)    Use the up/down arrows to adjust the hour up or down. To get from AM to PM, just continue past the hour 12.

4)    Use the right button to move to the minutes setting

5)    Use the up/down arrows to adjust the minutes up or down.  Right arrow to access both of the minute digits.

6)    When you have set the clock to the proper time, hit MENU twice.  The radio will display “SAVING”.  You are  done setting the clock.


The ten-day missed test alarm is a way to assure viewers that their weather radio is performing properly. 


NOTE: The previous version of this radio, the Midland WR-100 does not make an audible beep.  However, it will display the words “CHECK RECEPTION” until it is re-set using the same steps as outlined above.  Like the WR-120, the radio will automatically re-set itself at the next weekly test, or the next watch/warning issuance.


Thank you again for your support of the NOAA Weather Radio Network.