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Rank City/Town Date F-Scale Fatalities Injuries
1 Clovis 3/23/2007 F2 2 33

This F2 tornado was on the ground for 36 minutes across Roosevelt and Curry counties. In Roosevelt County, estimated peak winds of near 120 mph severely damaged the Portales City water well facility on State Road 202 about 5 miles east of Highway 70. The tornado moved north northwest destroying a new dairy before continuing northwest into Curry County. No injuries were reported at the dairy but storm debris briefly trapped an employee. About 190 dairy cows were either killed by the event or else sent to immediate slaughter due to injuries. The tornado continued into Curry County into southern and east central sections of Clovis. The intensity of the tornado appeared to wane from EF2 (120 mph) in Roosevelt County to EF1 (100 mph) as it moved north into Curry County along Highway 70 where damage was limited to power lines and farm irrigation equipment. Intensity increased again to EF2 level (125 mph) for a segment extending from about 4 miles south of Clovis northward into southeast Clovis which sustained the heaviest and most consistent damage as indicated by structural damage and downed power poles. The tornado appeared to wane again as it move north over Highway 60/84 just east of the intersection with Highway 70. The tornado track became intermittent north of Highway 60/84 with winds likely less than 85 mph before a final one half mile track of heavier damage and EF2 level winds of 120-125 mph. Average width was estimated at 200 yards. About 500 homes and other facilities sustained at least some damage ranging from complete destruction of mobile homes in southeast Clovis and wall collapse at several businesses along Highway 60/84 to the loss of roof shingles and roof top air conditioning units. Thirty five people suffered treatment injuries including five that required hospitalization. Two elderly citizens died later from injuries sustained during the event making these the first tornado fatalities in New Mexico since October of 1974.


2 Maxwell 5/29/1964 F3 1 8

After damaging two farms about two miles west of town, the tornado followed a three mile, four block wide path toward the northeast through the center of town. In all, 18 homes were destroyed, and 38 more were damaged, 18 of these had major damage.  One person died in a demolished building. Five of the eight injured had to be hospitalized. A number of farm buildings were also destroyed or damaged, and farm animals were killed.  The water supply line was also severed. Damage totaled $450,000.


3 Canoncito (now Tohajillee) 10/10/1974 F2 1 8

Preceded by golf ball size hail, this tornado ripped through the village of Canoncito (now Tohajiilee) killing a 2 week old baby girl and injuring 8 others.  Three trailer homes were destroyed and up to 10 other houses damaged. 


4 Philmont Scout Ranch 6/25/1960 F0 0 34

Witnesses say the "small tornado" swooped through the camping area, downing about 300 tents located on a flat near Ranch Headquarters.  Camping Equipment was found as far as 14 miles away from the campsite. In addition, the nearly completed cinder block chapel was leveled. The injured included 33 boy scouts and a  scout leader.


5 near Carlsbad Airport 5/31/1991 F2 0 21

A tornado touched down three miles southeast of the Carlsbad Airport, tracking northeast. Fourteen mobile homes were destroyed and 37 additional buildings were damaged.  Numerous cars, trucks, campers and boats were damaged or destroyed.  People felt fortunate that the tornado occurred when most were still outside and not in their homes or sleeping.   One family reported their couch missing and was later found 1 to 2 miles away. Another reported an automobile had been lifted into the air.


6 Logan 3/23/2007 F1 0 12

A small and possibly elevated landspout type tornado developed on the far east end of a rear flank outflow that swung south through east over Logan as a storm centered about 5 miles to the west moved north over Ute Lake. Damage along the track as it moved over the west side of Logan was intermittent with damage indicators pointing to winds of general 80 to 90 mph with peak winds near the south and north ends of the track estimated at 105 mph. Average track width was around 100 yards. About a dozen injuries were reported with only two transported to Tucumcari for brief treatment in hospital. Heaviest damage was mainly confined to about 50 manufactured homes and recreational vehicles tossed and rolled mainly on the south end of the lake resort community. Damage to site constructed homes and buildings was limited to window, roof and soffit damage except for one 1910 era frame home that lost its roof.


7 Dexter 3/12/2019 EF2 0 6

This tornado initially touched down approximately 15 miles south-southeast of Dexter and moved north- northeast for approximately 15 minutes before dissipating approximately one half mile northeast of Dexter.  Six homes were substantially damaged or completely destroyed while an additional dozen homes and structures sustained minor to moderate damage. 


7 Carlsbad 6/7/1992 F2 0 6

The tornado caused part of a restaurant's roof to collapse, slightly injuring six people, as it hit west-central sections of Carlsbad.  It also ripped roofs off a furniture store, a department store and part of an apartment complex.  Major damage occurred at an industrial area; a large cinderblock wall was pulled away from a manufacturing building, and a large warehouse was demolished. 


9 Hobbs 6/6/1991 F2 0 5

This tornado was moving parallel with another tornado that formed 5 miles southwest of Hobbs.  Additionally, another tornado was moving through the city at the same time.  In all 80 locations reported damage; 3 homes were  destroyed, 7 homes had minor damage, 7 mobile homes had minor damage, 1 apartment complex had minor roof damage, 20 to 30-foot tall trees were uprooted in cemetaries, 7 homes had flood waters in them, 2 houses had lightning damage, and 92 trees were destroyed. A 40 year old woman was admitted to Lea County Regional Hospital with a fractured ankle from this tornado.  Four others were treated for minor cuts and bruises.  In all, damage was estimated at $354,000.


9 Cimarron 7/25/1996 F2 0 5

A tornado destroyed 11 homes and 7 business in Cimarron. Another 43 structures were damaged. Among the building destroyed was the Post Office which was sliced by the air-borne frame of a mobile home. Of the 5 injuries, 2 were serious, requiring hospitalization. All injuries occurred in mobile homes or portable buildings without permanent foundations. A funnel cloud was observed by deputies for about 20 minutes. The tornado developed as convection moved over a horizontal shear axis created by southeast surface winds and northwest winds aloft above the foothills located just northwest of Cimarron.


Additional Info:

Prior to 1950, records, though likely incomplete, suggest there were 5 additional tornado related fatalities in New Mexico. This includes three fatalities on May 31, 1930 in Wagon Mound, one fatality on June 5, 1931 in Sedan, and one fatality on May 31, 1936 in Socorro. Some records also suggest there was a fatality with the May 10, 1957 Farmington tornado. While a fatality did occur with this storm, research indicate that it was not associated with the tornado.