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UPDATE 1/16/2020: The NWS Albuquerque 5km and 1km WRF-ARW modeling domains will no longer be supported after March 2, 2020. There are various other high resolution modeling resources available, including but no limited to; the Storm Prediction Center 3km WRF-ARW, WRF-NMM, and HREF-2, the Texas Tech University 3km WRF, the Earth Systems Laboratory 3km HRRR, and various high resolution NAM/WRF nests from the Environmental Modeling Center. We would like to send special thanks to Robert A. Rozumalski, PhD, for his invaluable support of our local modeling operations over the past 11 years.

Basic Description
5.0km WRF-ARW: Run every 12 hours out to 48 hours using NAM initial conditions and boundary conditions. The default domain is centered over New Mexico.

1.0km WRF-ARW: Run every 6 hours out to 24 hours using NAM initial conditions and boundary conditions. The default domain is centered over the Albuquerque and Santa Fe metro areas. The domain is moved to support decision support activities.


Domain Topograghy

Model Availability
00Z 5.0km: 2100 MST / 2200 MDT 00Z 1.0km: 2200 MST / 2300 MDT
06Z 1.0km: 0300 MST / 0400 MDT
12Z 5.0km: 0900 MST / 1000 MDT 12Z 1.0km: 1000 MST / 1100 MDT
18Z 1.0km: 1500 MST / 1600 MDT
Computational Domain
WRF Core: Advanced Research WRF  (ARW)
Number of Domains: 1
Grid Dimensions: 150 x 160 /  100 x 100
Grid Spacing: 5.0km / 1.0km
Map Projection: Lambert-Conformal
Center Lat./Lon.: 5.0km: 34.5, -106.1, 1.0km: Variable for DSS
Time Step: 5.0km: 3 hours, 1.0km: 1 hour
Vertical Levels: 45
Pressure at Model’s Top: 50 hPa
5km Dynamics Configuration
Model Dynamics: Non-Hydrostatic
Time Integration: Runge-Kutta, 3rd Order
Turbulence and Mixing: Evaluates Mixing Terms in Coordinate Space
Eddy Coefficient: Horizontal Smagorinsky, 1st Order
Upper level Damping: On , W-Rayleigh relaxation layer
Vertical Velocity Damping: On
5km Physics Configuration
Cumulus Scheme: Off
Cumulus Time Step: 0
Microphysics Scheme: New Thompson Graupel
Boundary Layer Scheme: Yonsei
Boundary Layer Time Step: 0 min, every timestep
Land-Surface Scheme: Noah Land Surface Model
Number of Soil Layers: 4
Source of Landuse and Soil Data: Standard Initialization (SI)
Surface Layer Scheme: Monin-Obukhov (Janjic Eta) Scheme
Longwave Radiation: Rapid Radiative Transfer Model MCICA (RRTMG)
Short Wave Radiation: Dudhia
Radiation Time Step: Auto Minutes