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How do I send my storm report?

The following methods of relaying a storm report are listed from the quickest received by the NWS at the top to the slowest received at the bottom.  Therefore, if a report is urgent (e.g. a developing tornado), you should begin at the top of the list.  Reporting for the first time? Please read this information first!

1-800-275-8165 (Preferred method for tornado reporting)
Our toll-free phone number is answered 24 hours a day.  Please have your report info ready! 

Sends your report to our office through Facebook.

Sends your report to our office through Twitter.

Web-based report form
Sends your report to our office in less than 5 minutes.

Call 9-1-1
Ask the dispatcher to relay your report to NWS Amarillo.

E-mail a detailed report
Send your report and images if you have them to our webmaster.


How to make a good severe weather report

Give your name and any affiliations you may have (e.g. member of a spotter organization, amateur radio club, sheriff's department, etc).

Provide a detailed description of what happened, including any damage, measurements, injuries, or fatalities.  Mention how you arrived at your values.  For instance, don't just say there was "nickel size hail", say whether you measured this with a ruler or estimated.

Try to give as precise of a time as possible for the event occurence.

Give as exact of a location as you can when reporting.  Try to give a distance to the nearest tenth of a mile from the nearest town, village, or city.  Cross streets can be very valuable to include in your report, especially if you are in an urban area.  The bottom line is be aware of where you are!  Also, be sure to distinguish between where YOU are and where the EVENT is occurring.

"My name is Joe Public, and I'm a trained storm spotter.  I measured quarter sized hail with a ruler at 5:30 p.m. about 1.5 miles west of Amarillo.  Also, at the same time I can see a rotating wall cloud about 2 miles to the west of my location."